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"As it is said ‘’Put the product into the customer’s hand i twill speak for itself’’
WM proudly created since 2006 and has an essential place in today's Business, financial and communication worlds. Through many years of existence as an English School in Algiers, we have helped our students feel perfectly comfortable in their English communications or their International English Test [ TOEFL- TOEIC and IELTS]. Our teachers and methodology are completely devoted and customized to your needs, schedule and learning style. Choosing WM to learn English is the best opportunity you offer to succeed. Our teachers have also extensive experience to teach students in different fields ( Business, Medical English, Law, tourism etc) . We provide english courses to companies, administrations on VIP or on ONE-ON-ONE.

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    Nowadays, nothing is important than learning to communicate correctly. Our courses are composed on 3 levels in which 80 % of time is dedicated to learn new vocabulary to facilitate a high quality of communication.

    Our Mission

    Nothing is better than teaching our students new techniques using new technology to guarantee a personalized treatment in a pleasant and exciting time and environment.


    - I know more today than yesterday.- I’am preparing.- I will succeed.


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    You have changed my life

    Manel Boukhalfa

    Training school up to par, I highly recommend it

    Amina Belbai

    Very nice experience

    Khaled Kezai

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    WM English School

    "As it is said ‘’Put the product into the customer’s hand i twill speak for itself’’ WM proudly created since 2006 to spread our new approach of teaching English as a Second Language. However, Thousands of customers are rushed to WM School to develop their communication in english within 3 months.

    Today, we rare well known as the best place in Algeria which offers qualities and opportunities toward students to build their professional life and get the diplomas required by many many companies, administrations and Universities.